Pre Show Walk Through With Sunline Team

Pre Show Walk Through With Sunline Team

The day before the big show! The team at Sunline Transit Agency is ready with a Pre Show walkthrough. When the “Sunbus” transforms into the “Soundbus” it takes a all hands on deck attention to detail to make this festival run smoothly. All options and needs must be accounted for from back up busses & equipment to ghost busses on the line to ensure every day riders stay on schedule. The team at Sunline goes over the route and travel log planning and a check list of operational elements. From securing the music equipment for a moving bus! Testing and installing the onboard power inverters that allow us to run our music PA & Amps. This is always an exciting process full of anticipation for the big day! This year our power systems and inverters worked seamlessly with no power handling issues or crashes. The engineering team really out did them selfs this year. Another successful year in the books…now back to the planning meetings where we work to improve the riders festival experience.



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