111 Music Fest

Connecting local art, music & culture with public transportation making the bus a mobile music venue

111 Music Festival connecting local art, music, and culture through the 111 SunLine. This interactive festival promotes public transportation ridership by making the 111 Line a mobile music venue.  Promoting the Sun Line as preferred means of social transportation.

The goal of the 111 Music Festival is to build rider awareness and to educate the community on the positive benefits of utilizing the Sun Line.

HWY 111 is the main thoroughfare through the heart of the Coachella Valley.  We chose the entertainment line, Line 111, because it stop at the businesses and venues that attract tourists and local youth.  By making the bus line a venue, riders build a positive experience with the bus as means of enjoyable transportation.

Buses, by nature, group people together.  They are a function of a healthy city.  Our goal is to remind people that it’s not all about the destination, it’s the journey too.

Uniting The Coachella Valley with the innovative combination of music & public transportation
“When there’s Music its a SoundBus”

Community Support

Since inception the 1111 Music Festival’s mission was to develop a true community based festival that unites the entire valley through the combination of public transit and music.  SunLine was the only local agency with the infrastructure and foresight to pull off such an endeavor. By partnering with Sunline Transit agency we have succeded in creating a festival that bring together the entire Coachella valley from east to west across by utilizing the “111 line”.

This festival is unique and engaging because it has mobilized artist and musicians valley wide to unite and take part in one event. This festival is galvanizing the community as we celebrate alternative transportation. Without the continued support of SunLine and all the genrous contributions from Coachella Valley Municipalities this festival would never have come to life.



Ian Cush

Co-Founder/Creative Director

Sarah Scheideman

Co-Founder/Executive Director

Melinda Vida

Festival Cordinator

Rafel Lopez

Music Consultant

Will Sturgeon


Ray Phillips

Stage Production


Promoting Culture in the Coachella Valley Through Music and Public Transportation.

38 Musical Acts

We have an eclectic mix of 35 musical performers all from the Coachella Valley preforming intimate sets on the SunBus as we travel from Palm Springs to Indio and Back Again.

29 Miles Long

The Route 111 Line stretches 29 miles across the valley floor. Travel and see the whole Coachella Valley using public transportation.

7hrs of Entertainment

With musical performances of all varieties we have 7 consecutive hours of music line up for you.

$1 Entry

For the small fee of $1 you can ride the entire line or spend $3 and spend the whole day ridding around with the 111 Music Festival.

100% Community

The 111 Music Festival was designed by The Coachella Valley Art Scene 501(c)(3) and SunLine as a way to promote local music and public transit. This is a true community festival.

Clean Fuel Fleet

All of the SunLine buses featured in this festival are clean fuel. Ranging from CNG (clean natural gas) Hydrogen or Fuel Cell buses.

Produced By:

The Coachella Valley Art Scene

We Are Excited to be Back For Our 2nd 111 Music Festival